Mandat 2500 zł za prędkość 160 km/h na obwodnicy Grodkowa
Reckless driving continues to be a serious issue on local roads, as evidenced by a recent incident where a 35-year-old driver was caught speeding nearly 70 km/h over the limit.
  1. Driver caught at 160 km/h on a road with a 90 km/h limit.
  2. Issued a 2,500 PLN fine and received 15 penalty points.
  3. Speeding remains a top cause of tragic accidents.
  4. Authorities emphasize the importance of obeying speed limits to prevent road tragedies.

Local police have intensified their patrols to curb the prevalence of speeding, which poses a significant threat to all road users. In a recent operation on the bypass, a driver from the Lower Silesia region was recorded traveling at a dangerous speed of 160 km/h where only 90 km/h is allowed. The high speed significantly exceeded legal limits, resulting in a hefty fine and penalty points for the offender.

It is crucial for drivers to remember that speed limits are not just numbers, but lifesaving guidelines established to protect everyone on the road. Every time someone decides to ignore these limits, they put not only their own lives at risk but also those of other motorists and pedestrians. The local police force is committed to enforcing these laws strictly to ensure road safety.

As community members, it is our collective responsibility to adhere to traffic regulations and be mindful of our driving habits. Ensuring safety on our roads is a mutual obligation that requires attention and compliance from every driver. Let's prioritize safety over speed and make our roads safer for everyone.

Wg inf z: Policja Opole